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    Skyler HK Limited offers senior, experienced leaders to quickly begin their IT development in fast-moving companies. Our dedicated development team integrates seamlessly with your IT managers, using the same languages to communicate and methods to carry out the tasks.


    We are industry specialists or company strategists or human-oriented designers and extremely driven software developers. With innovation you can trust, we are ready to change your company to a new level.

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    IT solutions

    Our goal is to solve clients problems with the newest and most professional IT solutions on the market.

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    Global clients

    We actively support these our clients with strategic thinking and the help of newest technologies to enable market expansion.

  • Programming language

    Skyler Hk Limited provides professional guidance on merchandising machinery, the choice of techniques and the writing of object-oriented programming to increase the quality of the solutions and satisfaction of the company's clients. You will be linked with a high-quality team of executives and advisers. For your customers, your solution will be simple to launch, by using :


    With the inception of the infamous Node JS runtime, developers can employ this language in both the backend and frontend of their projects. Plus, more than 94.9% of all websites today use JavaScript.


    Python can be employed into many different types of projects including but not limited to developing APIs, crawlers, scrapers, backend systems. It can even be developed on complex desktop applications using this popular dialect of computer languages.


    Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. The Java Virtual Machine paradigm employed in Java makes sure any software written with this language will run on virtually every system.


    C++ gives developers access to very low-level system components out of the box, it is used extensively in every type of embedded systems we’re familiar with. Every complex system in the world starting from your operating system to large government mainframe, utilize C++ in one form or the other.


    It’s one of the top multi-paradigm computer programming languages that can be used for many different projects. it gives the ability to craft any application you want. Starting from complex web APIs to full-fledged desktop applications, C# broadens developer’s toolbelt and can aid him a higher position in the open source community.

  • Enterprise Resources Planning System

    Using enterprise resources planning system makes your business run smoother by unifying and protecting information, automating processes, and producing easy-to-understand trends.

    Customer Relationship Management System

    CRM is a strategy that helps organizations to build a long-term relationship with their customers and increase profit through a proper management system and the application of customer customized approaches.

    Document Management System

    Implementing the document management system has improved the workflow and successfully avoided the occurrence of different versions with the same document.

    Membership System

    Membership system allows your company to establish personal files for members to understand more in order to provide more suitable services to your customers.

    Financial System

    The financial system helps assess financial performance. It helps the company to set the target spending and earning.

    Human Resources System

    HR system helps HR professionals to track contact information, benefits, time off, training awards and performance evaluations of various staff.

    Inventory System

    Using inventory system can improve the accuracy of inventory orders. It helps your company to figure out exactly how much inventory you need to have on-hand.

    Logistics System

    Logistics system makes sure the supply chain of the manufacturing materials is under control to maintain every manufacturing site keep working.

    Point of Sales System

    The point of sales system can save time and eliminate data duplication, increase efficiency. It also manages inventory and provides detail analyzed reports to make better customer relationship management services.

    Data Analysis and Visualization

    Using data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, text analytics, and optimization and simulation, it has the ability to assess the sales performance of staff or prediction of sales in the future.